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Narayan Reddy Forensic Medicine Pdf Download PORTABLE

Narayan Reddy Forensic Medicine PDF is one of the most popular and authoritative textbooks of forensic medicine and toxicology in Asia. It has been written by Dr. K.S. Narayan Reddy, a renowned forensic expert and former professor of forensic medicine at Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad. Dr. O.P. Murty, a senior forensic consultant and former director of the Institute of Forensic Science, Hyderabad, has co-authored the latest editions of this book.

narayan reddy forensic medicine pdf download

Narayan Reddy Forensic Medicine PDF covers all the essential topics of forensic medicine and toxicology in a concise, comprehensive, and updated manner. It provides a clear and logical explanation of the principles and practice of forensic medicine, with relevant case studies, illustrations, tables, and diagrams. It also includes a section on toxicology, which covers various types of poisons, their effects, diagnosis, treatment, and medico-legal aspects.

Narayan Reddy Forensic Medicine PDF is an indispensable resource for medical students, teachers, practitioners, lawyers, judges, police officers, and forensic experts. It is also useful for anyone who wants to learn more about the fascinating field of forensic medicine and toxicology.

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Toxicology is the study of the effects of chemicals and drugs on living organisms. It involves the detection, identification, quantification, and interpretation of poisons and their metabolites in biological samples. Toxicology also includes the fields of clinical toxicology, analytical toxicology, environmental toxicology, occupational toxicology, and forensic toxicology. Forensic toxicology is the application of toxicology to legal cases. It deals with the investigation of poisoning cases, drug abuse, drug-facilitated crimes, doping in sports, and other medico-legal issues.

Why is Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Important?

Forensic medicine and toxicology are important for various reasons. They help in the administration of justice by providing scientific evidence and expert opinion in criminal and civil cases. They help in the prevention and control of crime by identifying the perpetrators and victims of violence, sexual assault, child abuse, homicide, suicide, and other offences. They help in the protection of public health and safety by detecting and managing cases of poisoning, drug overdose, environmental contamination, occupational exposure, and other hazards. They help in the advancement of medical knowledge and practice by conducting research and teaching on various aspects of forensic medicine and toxicology. c481cea774


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